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  • Letter from L.B. LADDHA’s Desk

    Dear Friends, colleagues, well-wishers who have become a part of my extended family,

    “ EDUCATION IS THE MOST POWERFUL WEAPON WHICH YOU CAN USE TO CHANGE THE WORLD “, is very rightly said by Sir Nelson Mandela. Hailing from a small village in Maharashtra, I knew that the only way to bring a turnaround in my life was education. Nothing is greater than the power of education, is something that I realized very early in life. You can do without inheritance, without family wealth but you can’t survive without knowledge. Knowledge takes you a long way up there in achieving your dreams.
    As we enter our 40th year, we continuously strive hard to abide by the core values and the ethos of the organization. We aim at value addition to our clients against merely providing services. It is our persistent endeavor to create a high-performance culture. We strongly believe in continuous improvement , uninterrupted education updated professional knowledge and awareness.
    We firmly believe in giving equal opportunities to all our employees and help them achieve their aim of a satisfying and enriching career . We are of the strong opinion that an open culture and exciting work atmosphere go a long way in keeping the team together and adhering to a firm value system.
    We attribute a great part of the success to the entire team of L.B. LADDHA & CO. both past and present. Without their dedication , efforts and contribution, L.B. LADDHA & CO. would not be where it is today.
    As our environment changes with time, the needs of our clients are becoming increasingly sophisticated and diverse. In an industry where synergy, quality and consistency are the key to survival, we at L.B. LADDHA & CO. are driven by a mission to deliver beyond the industry values and expectations.
    I also take this opportunity to thank and extend sincere appreciation to our clients, associates, fellow colleagues for their support and faith in us.
    As you navigate through or website you will learn more about our services, our work culture, our team and our goals.