Doing Business in India

What makes India such a crucial player in international and continental markets is its ever growing rate of domestic consumption. Backed by a strong parliament, a set of laws and policies that guide, formulate, protect and prescribe business practices, India is constantly on the rise in its ranking for a business. Within just the last one year, India has jumped up by 12 ranks, from 142 to 130, in the latest list compiled by the World Bank. Of course, a lot of credit goes to the official authorities, the government, etc., for pushing changes and making way for better opportunities and policies where businesses are concerned. What cannot be denied, however, is the sheer size of the Indian entrepreneurial workforce. Good business practices and great acumen run naturally in the veins of the best and most successful companies.
India recently has made many changes that further augment the business efforts of companies: there is no more a stipulation for a paid-in minimum capital or a certificate to begin operations, for example, when starting a business. These cut-backs tremendously improve the speed and efficiency with which businesses can be started.
The lowered interest rates on large loans have furthered India’s inherent potential for fast economic growth and expansion. In such a rapidly changing and evolving scenario, with numerous constantly updated policies and reforms, it becomes very vital to not only keep up with all the changes but to also know how best to utilize them for successful business and corporate practices. L.B. LADDHA & CO. keeps constant growth and learning at its core. By being completely in-tune with the business, financial and legal environments both nationally and internationally, we are well-equipped to provide consultation services, perform mergers and restructurings, assess the business worth and options, etc., for all our clients and their unique needs and demands.