Internal and Management Audit

Improving an organization’s functioning, efficiency and operations involve running internal assessments that are unbiased, impartial, objective and are usually conducted by an independent third party. An Internal Audit will help bring a focused and disciplined modus operandi to the organization by studying and understanding its working, finances, accounts, management, etc., and by evaluating possible and potential risks. The results of an Internal Audit can then be the basis of solid strategy implementation to reduce risks, improve efficiency and output quality as well as overall governance. As Internal Auditors, we specifically focus on conducting functional review & strengthening internal control within the organization.

Apart from Internal Audit services, we also offer Management Audit Services. This assessment focuses more on the actions, policies, and decisions of the management of a firm, in order to examine and evaluate their performance. The object of the Audit is largely restricted to non-financial segments.
We take painstaking efforts to understand the vision, mission & the various decisions of the management & their impact on the business at large, through comprehending the intentions behind the decisions taken.