Our firm deals with the auditing of organizations, institutions, private and public accounts and individuals as a legal, professionally trained and equipped third party. Audit strategy and plans are drawn based on client profile and specific purpose of audit, whether towards the examination of quality management, internal controls, financial and performance audits, etc.


The State and the Central Governments in India levy tax on entities (individuals or companies) based on criteria such as annual income, residency, etc. Taxes are of two kinds: Indirect and Direct. While Indirect Taxes such as VAT, Service Tax, and Sales Tax apply univocally to all, Direct taxes apply differently according to different situations. For example, subject to the provisions of the Income Tax Act 1961, a resident of India would have to pay tax on the total annual income of the previous year if the annual income falls above maximum limit for exemption, no matter what the source of said income.

Company Formation

With increasing business needs & complexities , the need to change the operating structure is often seen.
Our services are frequently sought in connection with matters relating to formation , financial structuring , internal control and risk assessment during company formation.
We provide persistent support by consulting and advising on various matters both financial and regulatory.